Anxious Memoirs

Anxious Memoirs


At a Glance

  • Non-fiction book written by the founder of Oh + August on mental health

  • Collection of thoughts, imagery, and essays


112 pages, soft cover paperback

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A Note from the Author

Anxious Memoirs is a project I began to help cope with my own clinical anxiety. A collection of scattered thoughts, imagery, and essays, it is a book written for others with mental health battles to identify with and affirm that you are NOT alone - and it is also written for those who do not suffer from mental health issues to learn more about our struggles and triumphs.


I wrote this book because I want to affirm that you are not alone. The space for mental health awareness is growing, but it still is painfully silent in many communities - though mental health is a part of us that makes us human and makes us whole.

I wrote this book because I want to affirm that sometimes we have thoughts that others may label as odd, self-destructive, or "different." Our thoughts are ours alone. It's okay to be you. We are here for each other.

We fight our own battles, and we are beautiful.

Let's open the mind of the Type AAA. Reflect, rage on, and conquer.

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Need to Know

This book does contain strong imagery and may contain triggering images or dialogue. If you are sensitive to suggestive content including but not limited to: Eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, panic attacks, crowds, and claustrophobia, do not read this book. If you are reading this book and feel triggered, please seek medical help immediately and call 911.