Oh + August is thrilled to have appeared in a variety of magazines, lookbooks, blogs, and podcasts.


Haute D’Vie Magazine
Spring 2019 Haute List: Wake Up, Smooth and Firm with these Night Creams and Serums

Haute D’Vie Magazine
Spring 2019 Haute List: Haute Must Have Eye Treatments

EQluxe Magazine
Spring 2019 #ladyboss Issue: Oh + August: Skincare that Cares: Cover Story

Noelle Floyd / Style

Skincare is a Time for Self-care and Nurturing: How [Oh + August] is Developing a Wellness Community for Equestrians

Noelle Floyd / Style
Hungry Minds and Open Hearts Can’t Lose: Find Out What’s Inside the Second NF.Edit

EQluxe Magazine
Winter 2018 Issue: Winter is coming: Beauty Editorial, page 39

Bisous Magazine
Issue 23: Clean UP: Beauty Editorial, page 65

EQluxe Magazine

Fall 2018 Issue: Clean Round: Beauty Editorial, page 53 & Hats Off: Beauty Editorial, page 57

EQluxe Magazine

Summer 2018 Issue: Beauty Leg Up: Editorial Feature

Horse & Style Magazine
Fall 2018 Issue 40: 12 Days of Christmas, page 9

Horse & Style Magazine

Summer 2018 Issue 39: July Contest Partner 

Heels Down Magazine
July 2018 Issue, page 32


My Equestrian Style
The Holiday Lookbook Issue

Horse Glam
Horse Glam Holiday Gift Guide, page 11


Heels Down Magazine
Heels Down Holidays: Shop Gifts for the Rider Who Has to Match Everything, and More


Oh + August: Everything is a Gradual Process

Horse Junkies United
Why this Korean Skincare Line is Perfect for Riders. Hint: It’s Made by an Equestrian

Eyes Up, Darling
The Not So Pretty Side of Things


My Equestrian Style
My Skincare Routine

Saving Money on Skincare

Horse Glam
Bibimbap (Bee-bim-bap) Review

Desert Skin No More

The Hunt
The Serum and Lip Treatment

Beauty: An Interview with Bibimbap Skincare’s Lynn Mueller


Heels Down Happy Hour
May 2018 Episode 23 (12:20)