This is Oh + August. An infusion of mental health awareness and myself.


I founded Oh + August in December 2017 under the brand Bibimbap Skincare (“bee-bim-bap”) as a beauty company, creating clean, potent products to repair tired, stressed skin and boost confidence and self-esteem. The company took off in the equestrian and eco-friendly beauty world, earning nominations for the Pure Beauty Awards London and recognized by British Vogue two months in a row.

As the Oh + August brand unfolded in two short years, I opened up several mental health awareness discussions in the equestrian and wellness communities, to focus on beauty on the inside - not just the outside. As a person with anxiety and ADHD herself, I published a book entitled Anxious Memoirs in February 2019 both as a project to work through a difficult time of my own and as a way to give courage to others with mental health issues. Anxious Memoirs has particularly been making a difference in high schools across the nation as counselors encourage students to identify that they are not alone in their thoughts, words, and deeds, no matter how “strange” or “dark” they may seem.

Brand Extension

The Oh + August brand has always been an extension of myself. In September 2019, I made the decision to discontinue beauty product production in order to focus more concretely on writing and the importance of mental health awareness - beauty on the inside. Oh + August is a platform for mental health discussion, and more books are in the works.

Be well, and be you.